• Startup Co-innovation and Investment Pitch by Marubeni, Powered by ACE

    A platform for startups to co-innovate and validate their solutions

    with Marubeni to promote financial inclusion

  • About The Pitch

    Startup Co-innovation & Investment Pitch by Marubeni Corporation (Marubeni), Powered by Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE) aims to identify and collaborate with high potential startups with emerging technologies in the fintech industry promoting financial inclusion for the informal sector in Southeast Asia.


    Why apply?

    Startups will have the opportunity to co-innovate and validate their solutions with Marubeni. Promising startups can work towards scaling their solutions or raise funding (US$1-3 million) with Marubeni after the pitch.


    Who can apply?

    - Fintech startups with a promising solution that promotes financial inclusion for the informal sector in Southeast Asia
    - With a working product or service, preferably Series A and above
    - Registered in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar

  • Why should you be interested?

    Marubeni is one of the top five Japanese trading and investment houses with 160-year history and with business presence around the globe, covering a wide range of industries under 6 groups, namely Food, Consumer Products, Chemical & Forest Products, Energy & Metals, Power Business & Plant and Transportation & Industrial Machinery.


    Marubeni is aiming to collaborate with fintech startups to make a positive impact on the informal sector in Southeast Asia providing various support backed by its experience, resources, assets and global network. Company profile of Marubeni is available here.

    Potential POC

    Sponsoring of POC projects

    Potential Funding

    Equity investment of US$1-3 million

    Hands-on Support

    Scaling, global expansion, logistics and credit support

    Trading & Investment House


    130 offices in 66 cities

    National Startup Ecosystem Builder


    25,000 startups in 15 cities

  • Timeline


    Launch of Application

    23 Jan 2019

    Submit your company profile, solution and pitch deck.


    Pitch Refinement

    for Finalists

    15 Feb 2019

    Top 10 startups chosen as Finalists will be provided feedback to refine pitch.


    Pitch to Key Management

    22 Feb 2019

    The Finalists will pitch 1-to-1 to Marubeni's key management in Singapore.


    POC Development / Investments

    Mar 2019 onwards

    Selected Finalists will work directly with Marubeni's business/venture unit

  • Collaborate with Marubeni

    Interested to co-innovate and/or raise investments?

    Meet face to face with key management from Marubeni

  • FAQs

    Will I have to give up any equity or IP?

    Marubeni does not retain any equity or ownership of the solution upon application. You retain full and exclusive ownership of your information and intellectual property rights. However, any investments made by Marubeni after due diligence may involve equity.

    Do I have to fly to Singapore?

    The Pitch for finalists will be held in Singapore. While a video conference may be arranged, we highly recommend a face-to-face meetup. Hence, startups that are overseas may need to arrange and pay for their flights and accommodations. There will not be any payment from Marubeni for any travel-related costs.

    What happens after I submit my application? Is there a fee?

    We will contact you should Marubeni be interested in your solution. Given the high volume of applications and the Lunar New Year, we strive to release the results by mid-February. There will not be any fee involved to take part in the pitch. The outcome of the pitch will only be released from March onwards after due diligence.

    If I'm doing a POC project with Marubeni, where will it be?

    For the POC project, it will be done in your home country to pilot first. Marubeni may then decide to pilot it in different countries and they will help with scaling and international expansion. Do note that this pitch does not guarantee any POC projects or investments.